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Contemporary professional gallery systems designed for ceiling installations offer an excellent way to create captivating art displays, whether for lightweight photographs or substantial framed pieces. These ceiling-mounted picture rail systems are an outstanding alternative to other modern gallery systems, particularly when wall mounting isn’t feasible. Impressively, they can even be used to craft enticing window displays for your storefront.

Their subtle and inconspicuous designs make them an attractive picture hanging solution suitable for various settings, including art galleries, offices, and residences. The core idea behind these systems is to eliminate the need for damaging walls with nails and picture pins.

Each ceiling-mounted aluminium picture rail allows you to suspend your artwork using adjustable hooks and wires or rods, providing complete control over positioning, even after installation. Furthermore, you can easily add or remove picture frames as needed.

For art events and public spaces, anti-theft security fittings are available for these picture rails, seamlessly integrating into existing ceiling-mounted gallery systems. For tailor-made solutions or installation services in Greater London, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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