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The C Rail Gallery System provides a sturdy ceiling-mounted solution for art galleries and museums, overcoming challenges associated with wall-mounted installations. It proves particularly valuable when dealing with obstacles like windows, unconventional surfaces, or the need to preserve historical integrity (Note: This system even allows you to create window displays!).

Modern gallery systems incorporate suspended clear transparent cords and heavy-duty steel cable wires that securely attach to the picture rail, offering complete flexibility in arranging your artwork within the gallery display.

Whether your artwork comprises framed or unframed canvases, adjustments can be made post-installation, facilitating quick changes in your display. This feature is especially advantageous in high-traffic settings such as art galleries.

The straightforward J-shaped design of the C Rail tracking excels at supporting heavy framed canvases and other substantial items, thanks to its compatibility with extra-strong picture hanging rods. This picture rail boasts an impressive weight capacity of 80kg per meter (when installed on a solid ceiling and used with appropriate picture hanging rods!), making it well-suited for handling substantial loads.

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