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The U Rail Picture Hanging Gallery System offers a discreet and space-saving ceiling-mounted picture rail with concealed hangers. It provides an excellent solution for suspending artwork from either suspended or wooden ceilings, eliminating the need for nails and picture pins.

This system utilises either clear nylon cords or heavy-duty steel cable wires, which hang from the picture rail to support your artwork. Notably, you can insert these cords at any point along the rail and adjust them horizontally (from left to right) along the track. The adjustable picture hooks allow you to hang your canvases from these cords, offering complete flexibility in terms of positioning and height adjustments, even after your artworks are displayed.

Despite its compact design, the U Rail tracking effectively conceals any anchored hanging fittings attached to it and maintains an impressive weight capacity of over 25kg (45 lbs) per meter. Upon completing the installation, you can establish a versatile and professional art display system in your art gallery, shop, office, or home. Please note that the U Rail uses the same picture hanging cords and cable wires as the wall-mounted Clip-Rail Gallery System.

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