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We offer a diverse range of rug hanging kits and hangers designed for showcasing carpets, vintage tapestries, and textile artworks. These versatile kits can be employed with traditional picture moulding rails or directly mounted on your walls. They provide comprehensive solutions for creating captivating rug displays in public spaces, retail establishments, residential settings, and private art collections.

Our kits are adaptable and can seamlessly integrate with existing old wood picture rails. Alternatively, for a more contemporary appearance, you can opt for the modern aluminium tracks and clamps. Moreover, we provide rug support hanger sets explicitly crafted for direct wall attachment. These versatile fixtures for hanging rugs and carpets are equally suitable for displaying panels, mountboards, signage, and a wide array of other display requirements.

If you possess unique and specific needs for hanging your rug or carpet, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We are well-equipped to offer customised solutions tailored precisely to your requirements.

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