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he Clip Rail MAX gallery system stands as a brilliant innovation for picture hanging, meticulously designed to maximise available wall space. It’s an exceptional choice, especially suitable for rooms and venues with low ceilings. This extraordinary gallery rail is strategically installed at the highest point of the wall, positioned just below the ceiling level. The Clip Rail Max gallery system operates as a discreet and seamlessly integrated solution for hanging pictures, effortlessly harmonising with the aesthetics of any home, office, museum, or gallery, all thanks to its concealed fittings.

Engineered from top-quality aluminium, this gallery rail boasts the same extensive range of modern wires and picture hooks found in the standard Clip Rail. These picture hangers securely attach to your frames and are offered in various styles and weight capacities. Notably, they provide complete adjustability, even when your pictures are already hanging.

By opting for a modern gallery system like this one, you can bid farewell to the need for repetitive nail hammering into your walls, effectively avoiding the risk of damage. It represents the ultimate solution for art displays, a choice that not only saves you time but also preserves the integrity of your walls and your budget!


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