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The Mini-rail stands as the pinnacle within the Clip Rail series of picture hanging systems. It offers exceptional picture hanging capabilities akin to the Clip Rail Smart System but distinguishes itself with its discreet and compact profile, establishing itself as one of the most unobtrusive gallery systems available today. Despite its small dimensions, the Mini-rail maintains a substantial weight capacity, supporting over 25kg per meter while discreetly concealing all fittings within its compact tracking.

The Mini-rail tracking is fully compatible with all cords and cables featured in the Clip-rail system, enabling you to suspend your artwork from the picture rail seamlessly. Furthermore, our comprehensive selection of adjustable picture cord hooks, designed to secure your canvases to these cords and cables, delivers complete flexibility regarding positioning and height adjustments, even when your artworks are already on display.

Investing in a modern picture hanging system not only saves you time but also proves to be a cost-effective choice!

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