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Introducing our remarkable poster display kits, meticulously designed for versatile graphics and banner presentations on various surfaces, including glass and metal. These eco-friendly collections include transparent and aluminium strap hangers, offering multiple hanging options like suction cups, adhesive, and moulding hooks.

Effortlessly showcase posters, banners, ads, memos, and calendars on windows, doors, and flat surfaces without using pins, nails, or damaging adhesives. Repurpose neglected areas, like hallways, into valuable advertising spaces.

Utilise the same kit to suspend large banners and unframed prints from your existing picture hanging system or Victorian wood dado rail, creating comprehensive shopfront displays both inward and outward.

These reusable poster solutions accommodate various sizes, from A0 to larger formats, including 3-meter wide banners and unmounted signage, ensuring convenient and impressive presentations.

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