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Picture hanging ceiling systems are designed for the situation where you cannot install picture rails on walls. This ceiling mounted picture hanging system allows moving pictures left to right, up & down without screwing & unscrewing. These Hanging systems also allow hanging pictures one above another by sliding extra hooks on the same cable or hang new picture between two existing hanging pictures by suspended new cable from the rail. With this hanging system, you can add and remove cables from any point of the rail so it means you don’t need to slide the cable from on end of the rail. It’s easy to use, install the rail on the ceiling or you can bury the rail by making the groove into the ceiling. It’s easy to use, install rails on the ceiling, suspend clear cable or steel cable or 4 mm steel rod from the rail. Slide picture hooks into cables/rods to hang pictures on it. Our Heavy Duty ceiling system carrying loads up to 40 kg per meter. We also do the custom made picture hanging systems and fittings.

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