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Picture Hanging & Lighting systems equipped with 12-volt power supply wires so its means you can add & remove lights or hang pictures while the system is switched on. We can provide lighting and hanging systems wall mounted and ceiling mounted for Art Galleries, your home, office or shops other spaces. With this system, you can add & remove the light from any point of rail by just pushing in and pulling out. This system also allows you to move pictures left to right or up & down. You can also hang pictures one above & other by sliding extra hooks on the same cable. With cobra fitting, you can add & remove the cable from any point of rail to hang pictures.
Our lighting armatures are compatible led & halogen lamps. Led lamp is energy efficient & has more life. Led Lamp doesn’t emit infrared radiation. Halogen lamp has a higher light intensity and a warmer light color but comparatively less life. The disadvantage of halogen is its relatively high heat emission. In the long run, this can impact the colors of your artwork. A clear lens of lamp creates a sharp beam of light. A matt lens of lamp creates a diffuse, soft light beam that spreads out more. For up to 1-meter wide picture you can use one light for wider pictures you need 2 lights per picture.
Our multi-rail also used for lighting only especially to lit the wall mounted & suspended glass shelves in retail shops point of sale & in houses.
For better efficiency. you can install maximum 12 Meter rail with one power supply of 96 Watt which can lit 12 LED lamps 3 Watt OR 4 halogen lamps of 20 Watt. If you like to put more lights per meter then you need to use more power supplies. Create new independent circuits when using more than one adapter. If you are working on continuous walls you can split rails with end pieces in the middle of two rails to create a new circuit so joints would be almost invisible. Power supplies must never be connected, neither directly nor indirectly. Please NEVER connect two rail pieces that are each connected to different power supplies.
Power supplies are not mandible. We strongly advise against connecting your own switch or dimmer to the system. Be aware that if you do this anyway, all system warranty expires.

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