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In our Folding Heavy duty Print Browsers you can display any size print up to 60X40 Inches. Browser Display Sleeves made with non corrosive material to protect your prints. Made with 175 micron Crystal Clear Polyester film with acid free solid 4mm White or black correx Centre board. Sleeves are made using Polypropylene which is 100% acid free. Poster browsers and print stands for picture shops and stores across the UK. We offer quality print stands and customisable items for your shop. Print Browsers are designed for either displaying finished artwork, or for storage of your work in a studio. Made from Steel or beech wood this Print Browser/Print Rack is a useful accessory and is perfect for either storing artwork at home or for shop use. It folds for easy storage & comes with casters for easy movement around the room. Our print browsers are essential part of all galleries who sell unframed print. We supply display print browsers with acid free browsers sleeves. Our popular sizes for display sleeves are A4 Browser sleeves, A3 Browser sleeves, A2 Browser sleeves, A1 Browser sleeves with welded corners. A0 Browser sleeves, 30X40 Inches Browser sleeves, 24X36 Inches Browser sleeves, 20X26 Inches Browser sleeves comes with leather stitched edges & with gold corners. Stitched leather edges increase the life of sleeve. In one print browser you can put maximum 15 Sleeves in which you can display 30 prints back to back. Each sleeve has acid free stiff card which make your paper prints straight. We also supply table top browsers for print size A4 to A1 (landscape). Our floor standing standard print browser can take sleeves up to A0 sizes that’s why its also called A0 print rack or A0 display browser.

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