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Lighting Track for Modern Cornice Deco 


  • Deco Moulding Lighting Track enables you to simultaneously hang and illuminate your photos and is made to fit under decorative moulding, cornice, and plaster coving. Next-day delivery available. Price from £71.99/-


The Modern Deco Cornice Deco Lighting Track is a low voltage picture lighting rail and is a contemporary picture hanging system that you can install at the top of your walls before attaching cornice moulding or plaster coving.. Additionally, it serves as a picture hanging system that allows you to hang artwork without the need for nails or pins! You can even add LED picture lights on armatures for illumination which are inserted on the bottom channel of tracking and are completely adjustable. Once installed, the system is fully concealed, except for a clear channel underneath. The rail runs on a low voltage of 12V, so each wire does not need to be powered!

Track Dimensions: 11mm x 25mm

Lengths Available: 2m & 3m

By using clear cords or steel cable wire hangers available on our site), it’s a convenient method for hanging, removing or swapping small and big pictures up to 45kg. These cords or wire hangers can be adjusted for height and position, removing the need for nails and picture pins while preventing wall damage. 

How to install: 

Start by marking on the wall where you plan to place the tracking. Then, drill holes at the marked points and insert wall plugs. Afterward, place the rail on the wall, aligning the holes, and screw it straight into the wall. Repeat the process for each drilled hole. Once you’ve finished, you can glue over the tracking, your cornice moulding as long as the bottom part of the rail’s channel is free.

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2 Meter, 3 Meter


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