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Suspended Cable Hanger Kit for Wooden Shelves 


Lighting Track for Modern Cornice Deco 

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2m Suspended Fixed Cable Hanger Kit for Wooden Shelves 



The suspended fixed cable hanger kit is for suspending wooden/ acrylic shelves from 2m ceiling or wall mounted cables and includes a heavy duty underneath shelf support. This is quick and efficient to use as the cables are inserted through the wooden shelves’ holes. It is fixed in place by the underneath shelf support. It is perfect for creating a stylish and elegant display in your home as well as retail shops! You can suspend wooden shelves of any size with this kit. The cables can be attached to already hanging shelves to help add to the weight capacity. 

Shelf Support Material: Brass

Cable Material: Steel

Cable Length: 2m         Thickness: 1.5mm

Fittings Colour: Polished Chrome

The Kit Includes: 1 x 2m Cable, 1 x Shelf Support

How to Install: From the chrome shell, separate the cable mount fittings from the screw mount (brass). Where you’d like, screw the brass mount into the wall/ ceiling. With the attached cable, attach the ceiling shell again. Insert the cable through the hole (must be 2mm thick) in the corner of the shelves and attach a support onto every cable. Once the supports are placed underneath, fix it in place with allen/ hex keys. Repeat these steps for the rest of the cables. Extra cable lengths can be cut off. 



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