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A0 Ceiling Mounted Transparent Cord Kit with Poster Pockets 


4m Looped Wire & Weight Kit

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4m Wire & Weight Kit (Ceiling Mounted) 



The wire and weight kit consists of a 4m wire and 600g weight. The weight is connected to the bottom of the wire and the cables are kept straight and stable due to the weights so even wind cannot easily move it.  The weights can be suspended in the air or can be against the floor so you don’t have to fix any cables to the floor; meaning zero damage to your floors! It’s perfect for displaying large pictures and panels! 

Extra weights can also be purchased for cables that need to withstand wind and for long duration hanging cables.

Wire Length: 4m   (Excess cable can be cut off)       Thickness: 1.5mm

Weight Capacity: 600g 

Fittings & Weight: Polished Chrome

How to use: Insert the cable through the hole in the weights and then fix it in place using an allen/ hex key and a stud. 

From the screw mount, the ceiling fitting’s chrome shell needs to be separated. Where you would like on the ceiling, screw the brass mount in. With the attached cable, attach the chrome shell again. Insert the cable into the weight and tighten the screw to fix it in place. Repeat these steps for the second cable, keeping enough distance for the acrylic pockets. 



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