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Adhesive Protective Screen Kit



  • The adhesive protective screen for shop counters and reception desks to protect you from germs via coughing/ sneezing.
  • It’s very good value for money and provides you with the protection you need!
  • The adhesive fittings and clear wires are used to suspend the PVC protection screen between the ceiling and your table.
  • The barrier is raised so there’s a gap making it easy and effective for customer interaction.
  • It’s incredibly effortless and quick to install and you can also easily remove it when not required.
  • It causes no damage to your countertops as it is suspended from the ceiling!

Dimension of Screen: 100 cm x 70 cm (can cut to any size)

Length of Ceiling Wire: 3m (can be cut to any length when installing)

Length of Desk Wire: 1m (can be cut to any length when installing)

Screen Material: Clear Acrylic Panel

Fittings Material: Strong brass with polished chrome finish

Adhesive protective screen kit consists of: PVC Clear Screen, 1 pair of Clear Screen Strips (plastic), 4 Heavy-Duty Adhesive Wire Hooks, 2 Clear Ceiling Wires (3m length), 2 Clear Desk Wires (1m length),

You can screw the rods together to increase their length.

The screen can fit in U-shape and L-shape desks too.

Custom screen sizes & kits available.



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