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Ceiling to Floor Rods LED Pocket Kit (A0)


Wall Mounted Rods LED Pocket Kit (A0) 

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Ceiling Mounted Rods LED Pocket Kit (A0)


  • It is perfect for window displays in shops, agencies, restaurants, salons, and more. We provide Next-day delivery on request. Price from £599.99/-


  • The premium-quality LED pocket kit includes a ceiling (only) mounted cable system, fittings, and a power adaptor.
  • It’s perfect for window displays and can be used at reception desks, shops, agencies, restaurants, salons, and more.
  • The efficient design means you can display your pictures on both sides of the pocket (back and front), portrait, or landscape.
  • It is quick to use and your displays can be added and removed from the pocket holders effortlessly without any tools and is ideal to advertise and showcase your displays even in the dark.
  • On suspended rods, the pocket holders are mounted from the ceiling and need not be attached to the floor.
  • When installing, the rods allow you to adjust the height and position of the pocket holders and it enables the power to go through, so your displays can be lit up.
  • The power adapter/ wires can be hidden behind grid tiles for suspended ceilings or you can use cable trunking to hide wires. 
  • Inside the pocket holders you get the low voltage LED lighting which is a very bright, white light.
  • The design of the lighting means you get a very bright and neat light that does not glare, giving you a lovely and stylish display that is easy on the eye.


Pocket Holder Size: A0 (1189 x 841 mm)

Pocket Holder Material: Acrylic

Rod Length: 1.5m (can be cut to required length during installation)


How to install: Inside the shell, there are screw mounts (brass) which need to be separated from the ceiling fittings. Any excess rod can be cut off or two rods can be joined together. Screw the brass mount to the ceiling, then attach the ceiling shell again to the rod. The rod is then inserted into an electric wire connector which needs to be placed at the top and then tighten the screw. Repeat these steps for the second rod, keeping enough distance for your LED pockets. 


Ceiling Mounted Rod LED Pocket Kit Includes: 

  • 1 x A0 LED pocket holders (portrait or landscape) 
  • LED lighting driver & power adaptor
  • 5m Electric-wire & UK compatible 3 pin plug
  • 4 x Ceiling mounted cables (1.5m length) (6mm thickness)
  • 4 (per panel) x Pocket holder cable supports 

Fittings come in a polished chrome finish. 

4 pocket cable supports are required for one LED pocket (2 for each cable on left & right)


How to install LED driver & power adaptor:

Ensure for your safety that all power is turned off before any installations.

There are 3 wires on the LED driver & power adapter, 2 wires with naked-ends, and 1 wire (5m) with a 3 pin plug. One naked-end wire is attached to the electric wire connector situated at the top of the rod being suspended. To fix the wire into place, tighten the screw. Attach the other naked-end wire to the electric wire connector on the other rod. Tighten the screw on this connector to fix the wire into place. Into the power socket, plug the adaptor in and you can now showcase your LED light displays! 

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Portrait, Landscape


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