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Display Rods for Wood Shelving (Fittings Only)


Complete Glass Shelving with Poster Panel Display Rods Set 

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Complete Glass Shelving with Display Rods Set 


  • The glass shelving with display rods creates three columns of glass shelves and includes premium quality fixtures, steel rods, and glass shelf boards. Next-day delivery available. Price £408/-


  • Three layers of glass shelves are created by the glass shelving with display rods, which also feature premium fixtures, steel rods, and glass shelf boards (toughened safety).
  • The ideal item for use in retail businesses’ shop floors and storefront displays.
  • It produces a stylish and modern shelf design.
  • The shelving’s position and height can be simply changed thanks to the rods that are installed from the ceiling to the floor.
  • As long as the shelves are made of premium toughened safety glass, you can even add more than one shelf.
  • The middle column can accommodate one large glass shelf in addition to the two wide columns on either side that can each contain two glass shelves.


Complete Glass Shelving with Display Rods Set Includes:

  • 15 x 1.5m Rod Displays
  • 4 x Ceiling Fixtures
  • 4 x Floor Fixture
  • 20 x Shelf Supports (4 Per Shelf) 
  • 1 x Large Glass Shelving 
  • 4 x Small Glass Shelving 


Large Glass Shelving Dimensions:     600mm x 300 mm 

Small Glass Shelving Dimensions:     300m x 300m 

Glass Shelving Material:                     Toughened Safety Glass (Transparent)

Rod Length:                                         1.5m  (Longer lengths created by attaching rods together with the screw thread)

Rod Thickness:                                    6mm

Rod Material:                                      Steel

Fixture Material:                                 High Quality Brass

Fixture Colour & Rod Colour:           High Quality Polished Chrome


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