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Greco Wooden Easel 160cm (Gold)


  • Greco Wooden Easel (Gold) at 160cm tall and can support pictures or boards ranging from A4 to A0 size, or up to 4X4 feet in dimensions. With a weight capacity of 40KG, this robust easel is perfect for a variety of artistic endeavours. We provide Next-day delivery on request. Price £149.99/-


  1. This Wooden Easel is designed to securely hold pictures or boards of various sizes, ranging from A4 to A0 or up to 4X4 feet in dimensions.
  2. With a weight capacity of up to 40 kg, this easel can easily support your artwork or display items.
  3. The adjustable front Wooden Tray picture supports allow you to customize the height according to your preference, making it convenient for any setting.
  4. Whether it’s art exhibitions, trade shows, film premiums, TV shows, retail store displays, or weddings, this easel is highly popular and versatile.
  5. It is also commonly used as table plan easels or as Personalised Seating plan easels, adding a touch of elegance to any event.
  6. In addition, it finds its purpose in funeral services, where it can beautifully showcase old pictures and flowers.
  7. Framing shops can also benefit from this easel as it serves as an A1 & A0 frame holder or stand.
  8. Despite its sturdy construction, this easel is surprisingly lightweight and easy to transport.
  9. The Greco easel legs conveniently fold flat into a single length, allowing for easy storage and transportation.
  10. You can even fit up to 20 easels in a small car when disassembled.


Easel Dimensions:

  • Height:    160cm
  • Width:      50cm
  • Front Tray Length: 61cm
  • Front Tray Width:   2.5cm



This Easel is also available for Hiring. We provide delivery and collection all over the UK at extra cost. For any query please contact us at 02083121007,  07946655177 OR Email to


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