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Complete 3m Heavy-Duty Clip Rail Picture Hanging System Kit with Picture Rail & Hooks Set (Wall Mounting)


End Cap for Heavy-Duty Clip Rail 

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Heavy Duty Clip Rail (2m & 3m)



This high quality heavy duty aluminium clip rail is super strong and enables you to effortlessly hang very heavy pictures up to 45 kg per meter. You can quickly and easily install it in your home, gallery or exhibitions! With an emulsion wall paint it can also be painted over to match with your aesthetic and as the fittings are almost concealed, it gives you that professional finish!

Clip Rail Profile Dimension: 11mm x 28mm

Clip Rail Length: 2m & 3m

Clip Rail Colours Available: White, Black & Silver

How to install: Where you would like your rail to be, mark points every 30 cm along the wall. Use this to position the mounting clips.  At these points with your drill make holes. Place the wall plugs inside them.  Next place a screw  inside a Mounting clip. Screw it to the wall for each hole made.  Place the top-edge of the rear slot of your picture rail over the mounting-clips, and push down.The rail should “click” into place! 


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2 Meter, 3 Meter


White, Black, Brown, Gold, Pink, Red


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