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Heavy-Duty Magnetic Poster Hanging Kit with Hanger Straps & Hooks 


Self-Adhesive Magnets (5 Per Pack)

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Magnetic Hanging Hooks 



  • Magnetic hanging hooks are ideal when wanting to hang and display posters in your office but are also great to hang your items and heavy tools around your home (kitchen/ garage), such as keys and hammers!
  • They can be placed on any flat magnetic wall/ ceiling and have a weight capacity of 5kg per hook.
  • It causes zero damage to your walls/ ceiling as no screws or adhesives are required, giving you a professional and neat finish!
  • Highly unlikely for your magnet to lose its magnetism as the permeability is much higher than metallic magnets. 

Magnetic Hook Sizes Available: 

38mm x 25mm – weight capacity: 1kg per hook

38mm x 40mm – weight capacity: 3kg per hook

38mm x 50mm – weight capacity: 5kg per hook

Magnetic Hook Material: Steel Casing 

Type of Magnet: Y30 Ferrite



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