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Picture Hanging Clip Rail


Straight Rail Connector for Picture Hanging Clip Rail

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Mounting Clip for Clip Rails



Mounting clips enable you to install clip rail hanging to hang on the wall. It’s very easy to use and causes no damage to the walls! No more nails in the wall- nice, clean and high quality finish! 
Dimensions: Diameter:   
Standard (nylon) in white available and heavy duty (brass) mounting clips available. Nylon clips require 4 per meter. Heavy duty brass clips require just 3 per meter. Standard nylon mounting clips are better used when hanging more common canvases, but we recommend using heavy duty brass mounting clips when hanging big, heavy framed artwork.
How to use: Mounting clips are screwed straight into the wall, then a clip rail hanging rail clips onto them. Mounting clips are screwed directly into a drywall plasterboard wall or a solid brick wall. The aluminium picture rail is placed over them and clipped downwards, causing the clip rail track length to secure itself to the wall.
Installation: Along the wall mark points where the tracking is needed. These are positions for the mounting-clips; for nylon every 20 cm and for brass every 30 cm. Drill holes at these points, and add wall plugs into them. Insert a screw into a mounting clip with the flat side of the clip against the wall, and screw it to the wall. Repeat this for each hole drilled. With the length of the picture rail, place the top corner of the rails rear slot over the mounting-clips, and push downwards. The picture rail will then click onto the clips.


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