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Rod Fittings (Wall Mounted)


  • The wall-mounted rod fittings can be used with a 6mm thick rod which can show acrylic poster pockets, pictures. We provide Next-day delivery available. Price £11.99/-


  • The wall-mounted rod fittings can be used with a 6mm thick rod which can show acrylic poster pockets, pictures, and boards.
  • They are ideal for window display advertising and marketing for agencies, shops, and stores.
  • The rods can additionally be hooked up horizontally with these fittings if you use hook-on display panels.
  • These fittings are specially designed to display your panels, posters, etc.


How to Install:

  • Create a mark onto the wall where the top fixing will be placed and then using a level tool, create a mark at the bottom. Where you’ve positioned the marks, drill holes and add in wall plugs.
  • On each fitting there is a small bolt which needs to be unscrewed with an allen hex key.
  • Then separate the brass mount inside from the chrome cap and screw the mounts into the wall.
  • On the brass mounts, add the chrome caps again and tighten the small bolt until the mount is no longer visible.
  • Into the wall mounts, the rods are fixed in place using rubber allen bolts on the fittings front.
  • Repeat these steps for all the fittings and the level tool can be used to mark across the top fitting. 


Fittings Material:  Brass

Fittings Colour:     Polished Chrome


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