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Anchor Hook for J Rail, C Rail & P Rail (Hanging Loops)


Rug Hanging Kit for J Rail 

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Rug Hanging Clamp & Anchor for J Rail, C Rail & P Rail



The rug hanging kit enables you to hang your rugs and carpets from a j-rail, c-rail or p-rail. It includes a sturdy steel clamp with rubber lining and a steel rail hook (polished with metal). For carpets, we recommend using two rug hanging kits. The clamp can hold onto materials with up to 15mm thickness. 

Clamp Dimension: length: 33m, height: 50mm

Clamp Material: Steel with rubber lining (polished with metal)

Hook material: Steel (polished with metal)

How to use: Simply, attach the clamp onto your rug/ carpet. If using two clamps or more, leave a distance of around 50cm between them so your pictures can maintain their position. On the clamps there are rings which you can hook onto your anchor (narrow end) and then attach the hook’s wider end onto your picture rail. Now you can display your beautiful rugs and carpets effortlessly!



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