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Anti-theft Smart Adjustable Hanging Hook (Mini) (10 per pack)


Cylinder Hook (10 per Pack)

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Spring Adjustable Hook (10 per Pack)



By simply pinching the hook sides you can adjust your pictures and perfectly hang your artwork! You can hang and adjust the position of 2kg pictures that are suspended in a gallery system wire very easily and quickly. This hook consists of a single piece of metal so no hassle of dealing with extra parts! 

Dimensions: 22 mm x 15 mm

Fits: 2mm nylon perlon cord & steel cable wire. 

Hangs: 5kg picture by using 2 hooks on 2 wires

How to use: All you need to do is pinch the hook sides and thread your cord and cable into it! The hook’s sides pull back when you release them which secures its place on the suspended wire. You can adjust the height of your paintings by using this pinching method to ensure they are in the ideal place! This can also be done whilst the pictures are hanging from the picture rail making it incredibly easy to re-adjust your paintings!


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