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Storage and Artwork Carrier Case



  • The Storage and Artwork Carrier Case is a versatile and robust solution designed to meet your requirements for both file storage and artwork transportation.
  • This case is meticulously constructed from durable, heavy-duty materials, ensuring its enduring strength.
  • It boasts a lockable primary compartment, offering a secure space for valuable documents and artwork.
  • With substantial padding on both the front and rear, this case provides advanced protection for your possessions.
  • Its water-resistant design guarantees the safety of your items during transit, making it a flexible choice.
  • The case is equipped with side accessory pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap for effortless carrying, and protective rubber feet.
  • It even comes with a padlock for an added layer of security.
  • ¬†Remarkably, the file storage compartment has an impressive 20cm depth, capable of accommodating either:
  • 5 standard A4 folders or 2 large A4 folders along with 1 standard folder (demonstrated in ‘picture 2’).
  • Each File Storage Artwork Case is thoughtfully supplied with a complimentary padlock for your enhanced convenience!

Dimensions: 20cm depth

Colour Available: Black


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