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Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Kit for Posters with Strap Hangers & Hanging Hooks

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Suction Cup Poster Hanger Kit with Strap Hangers



  • The poster hanger kit includes a suction cup and strap hangers so you can hang your posters on any flat surface (like glass or metal) such as windows, mirrors and doors!
  • It is quick and effortless to use and it leaves no damage to your walls, giving you a neat and professional look!
  • When using a single strap hanger kit, you can hang 2 posters inwards and outwards for your window displays. 

Strap Hangers Colours Available: White, Black & Transparent

Strap Hangers Material: Acrylic

Poster Sizes Supported: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 & B (Portrait or Landscape)

How to use: The suction cup just needs to be pushed down onto any flat surface. On the top and bottom of your poster, two strap hangers are positioned and suspended from the suction cup hook. The top strap hanger has a clear hanging cord attached to the suction cup hook. 

Hanger Kits Available: 

  • A4 portrait (compatible with A5 landscape): 210 mm / 8.3″ width
  • A4 landscape
  • A3 portrait (compatible with A4 landscape): 297 mm / 11.7″ width
  • A3 landscape
  • A2 portrait (compatible with A3 landscape): 420 mm / 23.4″ width
  • A2 landscape
  • A1 portrait (compatible with A2 landscape): 594 mm / 33.1″ width
  • A1 landscape
  • A0 portrait (compatible with A1 landscape): 841mm / 46.8″ width

For A0 landscape & bigger, please contact us.


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