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Suspended Rail Kit for Paper Display 


  • Three Paper Display Rails and two Suspension Cables complete the Paper Rail ‘Kit’. Additionally, Custom colours can be ordered. Next-day delivery available. Price from £35.99/-


  • The hanging rail paper display kit suspends rails on 3m steel cables which can be suspended straight from your ceiling or wall, or from a picture rail that has already been put up.
  • You can also attaThree Paper Display Rails and two Suspension Cables complete the Paper Rail ‘Kit’.Additionally, custom kits can be arranged!
    Custom colours can be ordered!ch anchors to it which can be used with your clip-rail, c-rail, p-rail or u-rail. 
  • From 2 hanging wires, 3 rails for paper display can be hung; the position of which can be adjusted at any point.
  • It causes zero damage to your walls as no pins/ nails are required; giving you that professional and neat finish.


Cable Length:                3m (can be cut after installation)

Rail Lengths Available: 50cm, 1meter &  2meter 

Rail Material:                Aluminium


How to use:  Slide the paper/ card you want to display upwards, through the rails. Fittings inside the rail then latch onto them. To remove your paper/ card, you just have to pull it off. You can also use loops for moulding hooks (to hang on wooden dado rails). Cables are inserted through each end of the rail which can be fixed with an allen/ hex key. 

Standard Paper Rail Kits includes:

  • 3 x Paper Rails
  • 2 x Steel cables + cobra anchor (compatible with clip-rail, u rail)


  • 2 x Steel cables + cylinder anchor (compatible j-rail, c-rail, p-rail)


  • 2 x Steel cable + loop (moulding hooks)


  • 2 x Steel cable + brass cable mount (chrome finish) (fitting for ceilings and wall)


Additional information


50cm, 1 Meter, 2 Meter

Rail Colour

Black, Brown, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver, White


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