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Ceiling to Wall Cable Displays (Gold)


Single Cable Clamp (4mm) (Gold)

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Wall to Floor Cable Displays (Gold)



The premium quality cable displays are suspended between the wall and floor and include a 4m steel cable with tensioner. It is perfect for wall displays and window displays in retail shops, agencies, restaurants, salons, reception areas and more! It is particularly ideal for picture hanging in art galleries! The cables are suspended from wall to floor and are fully adjustable and are designed to suspend acrylic pockets, panels, mount boards, artwork canvases (using adjustable hooks) and more. Due to its efficiency and quickness, it is widely used for advertising as it creates a stylish and smart interior. It’s also perfect if you don’t want to damage your ceiling by screwing anything into it!

For window displays, you can display your pictures on both sides of the pocket (back and front). Cable tensioners, for cable lengths over 2m, enable cables being suspended to be kept stiff and fixed. 

Steel Cable Length: 4m            Thickness: 1.5mm 

Fixture Material: Brass              Fixture Colour: Gold

How to install: Separate the wall fitting into a stem with cable and a base mount. At the top of your display, screw the base mount. The wall fitting stem with cable can be attached again to the base mount. By lining up the position using the suspended cable, position the floor fitting. From the base mount, separate the floor fittings stem and screw it to the floor where positioned. Insert the cable into the floor fittings stem and then into its tension spring. Tighten and fix the cable stopper. Once properly positioned, you can remove any excess cable by cutting it off. Into the base mount, attach the floor fitting stem again. Repeat the steps for the second cable, keeping enough distance for your poster pockets. 


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