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Captain Auto-lock Heavy-Duty Hook (10 per Pack)


Clip Rail Hanging Hook Anchor

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Captain Anti-theft Hook (10 per Pack)



The anti-theft captain hook is an extra-strong adjustable picture hanger for steel hanging wires. This unique design includes the heavy duty auto-lock and anti-theft latch which can attach a large picture to its cable. You can effortlessly hang 30kg paintings and adjust its position! The anti-theft latch and grip provides you a sense of security as it prevents the pictures from being removed which is perfect for your valuable paintings and pictures at exhibitions and events!

Dimensions: 47mm x 10mm x 20 mm

Material: Brass & Steel

Fits: 1.5mm & 2mm steel cable wires only

Hangs: 30kg picture

For heavier artwork use two steel cables (left & right) for stability

How to use: The spring-lock is very efficient as once released, it auto-locks the hook to the cables! Push down the top and release the spring-lock once again to re-adjust your picture’s position on the cables.


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